Is She Here Yet?

Post date: May 27, 2012 7:59:54 AM

For the umpteenth time I walked to the window filled with anticipation... was that her? Another noise, no? That car that just went by... that has to be her, surely she is here now... I could not change anything and was forced to wait!

Yes I am speaking about me and no, my friends, not as a young boy (which believe it or not I once was), but I am sharing the anxiety I felt waiting for my wife to return from a week long absence...

Me a grown man, confident in business, strong in faith and a wimp when it comes to any time away from my bride! I admit that I do not function well without her. No food tastes right, the house was empty and didn't feel right. I couldn't sleep and even skipped a few meals.

The house was just like she left it, the bed was made and my clothes were picked up. I even did the few dishes and mowed the lawn. I wanted everything to be just right!

Whatever she injected into my heart more than twenty-two years ago, I have come to understand, has caused an irrevocable effect that only a lifetime together can remedy.

We've only began the journey!!!

Can you imagine how another Groom must feel, he left more than two thousand years ago to get things ready for his bride.

Please forgive me for my gross oversimplification, but I can just see Him building a magnificent mansion... making sure Gabriel is practicing his trumpet... dropping in on choir practice to give them a few pointers... checking with the head chef to see how the banquet is progressing and wearing a path into the golden street going back and forth to peek out past those pearly gates to see if she is ready!