Our Pastor

Pastor G.R. Robbins Pastor and Sister Robbins have faithfully served the Lord since 1967. Early in his walk with God he learned the secret to victorious living... soul wining! Over the years, Pastor Robbins has held the offices of worship leader; outreach director; youth leader; Sunday school teacher and has founded two home mission churches.

Sister Robbins has been a faithful companion, soul winner, cheerleader and coach. She is a beautiful portrait of humility, unselfishness and a faithful servant.

In early 1982 God's calling lead them to West Sacramento, here they did what is second nature to them...located a hungry soul and started a Bible study. Soon the study grew until their second home mission church was born and today this work is a praying, holiness believing, worshiping, One God Apostolic Church.

The year 1990 brought a new dimension to their ministry. Burdened for our children they started RiverCity Christian Academy which is still in existence serving the children of all members who wish to participate.